Published 2024-06-30 18:29:15

Counter-Strike 2 BLAST Premier 2024

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The BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 was an amazing event, giving Counter-Strike 2 eSports fans an event to remember and pros a $425,000 prize pool to split. It took place in Lisbon between June 12-16 with a live audience, while millions streamed the event online.

As Twitch is one of the best online video channels for streams, there’s no shortage of action if you are looking to relive the best moments of the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024. The most popular streamers still have videos on their streams covering the best moments and the top matches of the tournament.

Create Your BLAST Premier VOD Library


Before the latest Counter-Strike 2 BLAST Premier 2024 Twitch streams expire, you can still log on or sign up to and use our web-based tool to record some of the top Counterstrike 2 streamers’ videos.

Once you have your recording, you have several options to keep these videos for on-demand viewing or future Twitch clipping. You can find out more about Twitch Clips via the following guide: ‘Create a clip from a VOD’ on Streamreorder.

Storing Your Twitch VODs

  • Use Streamrecorder free cloud storage - VODs stored for 5 days
  • Use Streamrecorder premium cloud storage - VODs stored for 60 days
  • Convert your download into .AVI or ,MP3 file formats and store them on your device or your cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

The Top Counter-Strike 2 Twitch Streamers

For those on looking to capture the action from the recent BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024, Twitch has plenty of Counter-Strike 2 content to sift through.

Here are some top Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) streamers to watch:

  • xQc (Felix Lengyel): Known for his dynamic and entertaining streams, xQc provides a blend of high-level CS2 gameplay and engaging commentary. His channel is ideal for those who enjoy the competitive aspect and case-opening sessions​ (Twitch Metrics)​​ (​.

  • ropz (Robin Kool): A professional player for FaZe Clan, ropz’s streams are perfect for viewers seeking strategic insights and refined gameplay. He often breaks down his tactics, offering a masterclass in CS2​ (​.

  • m0NESY (Ilya Osipov): As a rising star in CS2, m0NESY brings youthful energy and top-tier skills to his streams. His channel is a must-watch for anyone interested in the latest CS2 techniques and pro-level gameplay​ (​​ (​.

  • f0rest (Patrik Lindberg): A Counter-Strike legend, f0rest combines years of experience with engaging content, making his streams educational and nostalgic​ (​.

  • Summit1g (Jaryd Lazar): Summit1g offers a versatile streaming experience, covering various games focusing on CS2. His laid-back yet skillful play style appeals to a wide audience​ (​.

  • Shroud (Michael Grzesiek): Shroud’s streams are known for their high production quality and expert-level gameplay across multiple FPS titles, including CS2​ (​.

  • fl0m (Erik Flom): Fl0m mixes competitive play with casual entertainment, making his channel accessible to all levels of CS2 enthusiasts​ (​.

By following these streamers, you’ll capture the latest gameplay trends and strategic insights from the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024. You will also see all the latest action from Counter-Strike 2 updates and tournaments via the above-mentioned streamers' channels.

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