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Rubius in Still Wakes the Deep :
Still Wakes the Deep ­čĹ╗TERROR TALASOFOBICO­čĹ╗ya se anuncio la cosa mediana masiva (miren el fijado)

El Rubius, popularly known as Rubius, is a renowned streamer and YouTuber from Spain. He is best known for his Let's Play videos, sketches, vlogs, and more, that primarily revolve around video games and humorous content. His energetic personality, combined with his unique content style, has gathered him millions of followers globally. His games of interest range from Minecraft to various indie and AAA titles, with each of his streams and videos being well received by his audience. Though he started as a YouTuber, Rubius has successfully expanded his online presence to Twitch, where he continues to entertain his followers through live streams.

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