Published 2024-05-03 12:49:00

Tracing the Rise of StrawberryTabby - The Journey of a Content Creation Queen

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Who is StrawberryTabby?

StrawberryTabby is currently one of the hottest streamers on Twitch. But the path to get there was anything but straightforward for the 21-year-old Tabitha L. from New Jersey.


At an early age, the daughter of Puerto Rican and Russian immigrants discovered her passion for art and drawing. When she moved to Florida, she found new hobbies in sports, anime, and especially social media. At 17 years old, she took her first steps on the video platform TikTok - and stumbled upon unexpected success.


Her videos showing off her double-jointed elbows quickly amassed her a huge fan base. Encouraged by this support, Tabby began offering more live streams and showing more of herself to her followers. By her 18th birthday, she had gathered over 800,000 fans on TikTok.


But success also had its downsides: Her account was repeatedly suspended without warning. When she hit the one million follower mark, she felt more frustration than joy. In April 2021, she decided to turn her back on the platform and venture towards new horizons: Twitch.

Way to Twitch

On the streaming platform, Tabby finally found what she was looking for: A community that understood and supported her. Initially, she mainly streamed shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty. But soon, the curvaceous beauty with the striking black hair expanded her repertoire and became a variety streamer.

Within two years, she amassed over 200,000 Twitch followers, who tuned into her streams with an average of 1,400 viewers. From a student streaming out of her childhood bedroom, StrawberryTabby became a streaming superstar.

In 2023, she expanded her reach to YouTube. The once shy teenager has grown into a confident content creator. With her blend of attractiveness and talent, StrawberryTabby has made a name for herself in the streaming world. Her best times are likely still ahead of her.

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