Published 2024-06-28 19:23:51

June 2024 Major Esports Tournaments for Your Twitch VOD Library

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June 2024 is an excellent month for esports fans, as there are a variety of major tournaments on popular games scheduled throughout the month. If you are a Twitch fan and would like to have a complete VOD library of all the June streams, now would be the perfect time to start.

With, you can capture and download any streams covering these major events at the click of a button. If you are not online when streams go live, use the scheduled recorder so that when you are online, you’ll have all the action ready and waiting on demand. Remember, you can record multiple streams to relive all the action even after the tournaments have concluded.

Here are some of the latest tournaments and events in action this June. They are ready and waiting for you to record and clip!

PUBG Global Series 2024 Phase 4

Battle Royale fans can marvel at the PUBG Global Series. Phase 4 is underway in China! Whether you’re a tactical shooter whizz or just a thrill seeker who enjoys the spectacle, you’ll see displays of the pros' tight teamwork, speed, and resourcefulness who make this tournament a must-watch event for eSports fans.

Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Split 2 Playoffs

Featuring some of the best Apex Legends teams in the world, the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs features high-octane strategic action, which is both thrilling and addictive to watch. Keep your eyes open because, through June, the playoffs will be taking place online.

YaLLa Compass 2024

The YaLLa Compass 2024 tournament (June 5 – 9), featuring the best Counter-Strike 2 teams in the world, was held in the UAE. There are sure to be plenty of nail-biting shootouts on Twitch streamed live and uploaded by popular YaLLA Compass streamers, along with exciting commentary walking you through the players, teams, and action. All you need to do is search for the action, watch, and if you see plays or matches you’d like to save for future reference, start recording via our Twitch Downloader before Twitch hits its 14-day deletion time stamp.

BLAST Premier Spring Final

The BLAST Premier Spring Final for Counter-Strike 2 (12-16 June, UK) features some of the finest production and competitive play. Use to download streams and keep a library of your favorite matches and highlights from players.​

VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 2

June is packed with VALORANT action:

  • Pacific Stage 2: June 15 to July 21 in South Korea.
  • China Stage 2: June 15 to July 21 in China.
  • EMEA Stage 2: June 18 to July 19 in Germany.

With multiple stages streaming simultaneously, there is plenty of content for you to watch. Download it all using to catch the best moments from the top teams of each region.

Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major

The Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major runs June 20-23 in the USA and is part of the season. It features the top CoD teams battling it out for supremacy.

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Major 2

The RLCS Major 2, which takes place June 20 to 23 in the UK, delivers thrilling aerial gameplay ideal for fans who want to capture the best moments and add them to their Twitch VOD library.

Tips for Building Your Twitch VOD Library with

Record Streams with the Twitch downloader tool and create a library of Twitch VODs. Here are a few pro tips if you plan on keeping track of June’s best tournaments, plays, and matches.

  • Tournament/date Order: Label your downloads using dates and match names. If there is a special feature or moment you’ve clipped, make sure you create a memorable name for the video file. Using these saving techniques will make finding your videos

  • Editing Top Plays: Pinpoint the action and the key moments in your VOD by trimming around the top plays in your video downloads. This can include clutch plays, game-winning buzzer-beaters, record-breaking performances, or inspiring feats.

  • Storage: Store your recordings on a cloud if you download files into MP3 or AVI formats. This way, you will have a backup on the Web. Another option is to use an external drive. However, cloud storage is your best option for permanent backups. You can use Google Drive,

Use these pointers, record streams from these tourneys, and you’ll amass a library of esports content that you can revisit and extract your viewing nuances and key gameplay tactics long after the live events are over. Happy recording!

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