Published 2024-06-24 21:10:09

Aircool: From Fortnite Pro to IRL Streaming Star

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A Brief Biography

Brian "Aircool" Stern was born on May 14, 1997, in the United States. While his exact birthplace isn't publicly known, he has mentioned being from Tacoma, Washington. Now 27 years old (as of 2024), Aircool has become a prominent figure in the streaming world, known for his engaging personality and diverse content.

Rise to Fame Through Fortnite

Aircool's streaming career began on Twitch, where he initially gained popularity playing Fortnite. His skill in the battle royale game, combined with his entertaining personality, quickly attracted a large following. Aircool would often stream Fortnite for 6-8 hours a day, showcasing his talents and building a community around his content.

His association with other prominent Fortnite players, particularly Tyler "Tfue" Tenney, helped boost his visibility in the gaming community. This collaboration was instrumental in Aircool's rapid growth on Twitch, where he eventually amassed over 1 million followers.

Expanding His Gaming Repertoire

As his channel grew, Aircool began to diversify his content beyond Fortnite. He ventured into other popular games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, though these never quite reached the same level of prominence in his streams as Fortnite did.

The Shift to IRL and Casino Streaming

In recent years, particularly noted in 2022, Aircool has made a significant shift in his content strategy. He began to focus more on IRL (In Real Life) streaming, moving away from his gaming roots. This transition allowed his audience to connect with him on a more personal level, seeing him in various real-world settings and situations.

Aircool's IRL content has included: - Beach holidays - Boating adventures - Farm tours - Stadium visits with friends - Collaborations with other content creators, notably Corinna Kopf

While there have been mentions of casino streaming in Aircool's content evolution, it appears to be a minor part of his current focus. As of 2022, he hadn't created reviews on online casinos, but the possibility of him expanding into this area in the future remains open.

Personal Growth and Content Evolution

In an interview, Aircool revealed that constant Fortnite streaming had begun to affect his mental health, stating, "I honestly started becoming kind of depressed." This realization likely contributed to his decision to diversify his content and explore new avenues in streaming.

Social Media Presence

Beyond Twitch, Aircool maintains a strong presence on other social media platforms: - Instagram - YouTube - Twitter

He uses these platforms to share various aspects of his life, from personal updates to stream schedules and collaborations with other creators.


Aircool's journey from a dedicated Fortnite streamer to a versatile content creator showcases the evolving nature of the streaming industry. His ability to adapt and explore new content types while maintaining a strong connection with his audience has been key to his continued success. As the streaming landscape continues to change, it will be interesting to see how Aircool further evolves his content and brand.

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